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Profession: 50 years computer scientist, includes 25 years consulting, sorry: no physics training

About Me: Hi. First, just about everyone knows more physics than I do. My skills are in computer science. I have the only systems for compressing/decompressing previously compressed files; In fact I give away a demo that partially predicts the unknown value of each next byte from an unseen file. (If you give me an email address I'll send you a copy,) it's easy to run, also easy to understand, the non-commented text is only about a hundred lines. I'd like for anyone who comes to my 'area' to be to grab a copy. It's just C code. About my physics pursuits: First, I don't think time (or much else,) is what is properly termed fundamental. As I look at our world it seems as if everything is built on something else. Someone is building for me (expect to take delivery this week,) a device that consists of a neon-bulb and also an AM radio. Each is part of a small system that connects to a PC. I am hoping to do an analog of the slit experiment, but using bits, not light. Also, what I call simplification (how an observed quantic system will contract to conserve/simplify knowledge,) is very interesting to me and I'm hoping to study this and better understand it.


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