Therapist Barbara Lamb

Dr Barbara Lamb

Psychotherapist Barbara Lamb specializes in working with people who believe they have had encounters with extraterrestrials. She is the author of the books "Alien Experiences" and "Crop Circles Revealed" and has been a guest many times on the radio show Coast to Coast AM as well as other radio and TV shows.

We recorded first-hand reports of NDEs and OBEs for our OBE Project, which is looking for corroborated evidence that supports the idea that consciousness can exist outside the physical body. The first report was by a gentleman who was told about our study by a representative of IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies.) His experience was so life changing that he wrote, "I used to be a staunch Atheist and now I am completely spiritual ... The person I am today is completely unrecognizable to all of my loved ones."

Then we recorded accounts of OBEs that were experienced by our presenter, Barbara Lamb. Including one which she experienced in Egypt that has corroborated evidence.

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