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Dr. Eben Alexander and Graham Nicholls

Our featured Presentation was recorded at the 2014 International Remote Viewers Association Conference. producer David Watkinson recorded a discussion about Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences with Dr. Eben Alexander (, author of Proof of Heaven and OBE expert Graham Nicholls (


Dr. Eric Davis

Dr. Davis is the Senior Research Physicist at Dr. Hal Puthoff's Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. With a background in quantum field theory and general relativity, Dr. Davis specializes in "Breakthrough Propulsion Physics" which is the physics of space drives and faster-than-light travel that would make journeys to nearby stars practical.

In this discussion with producer David Watkinson and Dr. Paul Smith, Dr. Davis covered many fascinating subjects including:
Bell's theorem and quantum entanglement; quantum fluctuations in the vacuum; quantum foam; frozen vacuums and Casimir vacuums; quark and gluon field oscillators; the Dirac vacuum; quantum zero point energy; the electromagnetic force; the weak force; the strong nuclear force; the electroweak vacuum; the dual vacuum structure of the strong force; hadrons and baryons; quantum chromodynamics; and the Higgs particle.

The discussion led to the conclusion that it is an open question as to whether there might be some correlation between the subjects covered and the digital virtual reality theory of physicist Tom Campbell, which was the main focus of Watkinson's questions for Dr. Davis.

Dr. Eric Davis

Dr. Rajiv Parti - an Anesthesiologist's NDE

DIr. Rajiv Parti was the chief of anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, California when his life was turned upside down by an illness that led to seven surgeries. The final surgery led to a profound near death experience that changed his life. Since his Near Death Experience (NDE) included some objective evidence that his consciousness actually traveled out of his body, his NDE is included in our video database of Out of Body Experiences that have an evidential aspect.

Learn more at Dr. Parti's site.

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Luis Minero of the IAC

Luis Minero of the International Academy of Consciousness spoke about OBEs (Out of Body Experiences.)

AR StudyGroup IAC Aug 2013

Therapist Barbara Lamb

Dr Barbara Lamb

Psychotherapist Barbara Lamb specializes in working with people who believe they have had encounters with extraterrestrials. She is the author of the books "Alien Experiences" and "Crop Circles Revealed" and has been a guest many times on the radio show Coast to Coast AM as well as other radio and TV shows.

We recorded first-hand reports of NDEs and OBEs for our OBE Project, which is looking for corroborated evidence that supports the idea that consciousness can exist outside the physical body. The first report was by a gentleman who was told about our study by a representative of IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies.) His experience was so life changing that he wrote, "I used to be a staunch Atheist and now I am completely spiritual ... The person I am today is completely unrecognizable to all of my loved ones."

Then we recorded accounts of OBEs that were experienced by our presenter, Barbara Lamb. Including one which she experienced in Egypt that has corroborated evidence.

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