Using the double slit delay response to send messages back in time.

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The results of this experiment are truly amazing.
If all is true, and the delayed detector can influence the results ( in the past ), I thought of the following experiment that should work.
Build the same apparatus but, extend the distance to the detectors. thus, the detectors will have an impact on the results that happen in an "older" past. at the detectors location place an Analog to Digital converter that converts data/audio to 0/1 binary code. Data of the value 0 will enable the "quantum eraser" forcing interference at the results, and data as value 1 will disable the eraser, forcing the results to change. Build a Digital to Analog at the results side, converting the results back to the original analog data - interference => 0, non-interference => 1, and reconstruct the data/sound.
If the theory is correct, we would be able to transfer data ( or sound ) into our past.
To send it even deeper into the past, we can chain few of these in series, extending the time-distance, or build a feedback loop using two builds that loop on themselves.

If it works, we just designed our first back to the past communication machine.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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