Dean Radin's double slit experiments involving human "observation" of light passing through the slits

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Dean Radin has done some experiments in which he has people try to direct their attention (in their mind's) on the two slits in order to see if fringe visibility (a defraction pattern) is reduced. Quoting from his paper, "During a test session, participants were instructed by the computer to direct their attention toward the doubleslit apparatus or to withdraw their attention and relax. To announce the attention-toward task, a computer-synthesized voice said, "Please influence the beam now"; for attention away, it said, "You may now relax." Participants were asked to direct their attention toward two tiny slits located inside a sealed black box (the double-slit optical system). It was explained that this task was purely in the "mind’s eye," i.e., an act of imagination. To many this instruction proved to be somewhat abstract, so to assist their imagination they were shown a 5 min animation of the double-slit experiment, where a particle detector was portrayed as analogous to a human eye. If the task was still unclear, it was suggested that they could try to mentally block one of the slits, or to "become one with" the optical system in a contemplative way, or to mentally push the laser beam to cause it to go through one of the two slits rather than both." Reduced diffraction was observed for the times when the subjects (experienced meditators) were focusing on the beam.

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