Consciousness affecting experiment not true.

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If particles/photons are assumed to go through the prism then it leads to ideas about our consciousness playing a part in the outcome of the experiment. But the following explanation rules this out.

One of the entangled particles appears at D0 with or without an interference pattern, depending on the entangled wave through path A & B.
The other entangled particle appears at:
1. D3/D4, where wave paths A & B are seperated, therefore no interference.
2. D1/D2, where wave paths are combined causing interference.

As paths A & B are longer than the path to D0, there is a mystery here
because the outcome of D0 should occur before any detection at D1 to D4.

So It appears either, photons landing at D0 can see the future result of D1 to D4 or vica-versa.

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