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My Big Toe -- The complete My Big TOE trilogy has now been combined into one paperback volume at a substantial savings over buying the three volumes separately. Jerry Witt Mar 11 2014
RAW on Mysticism, Science, and Reality Tunnels -- "In Leary's terms, I think about one-third of the West now understands the neuro-somatic circuit, and some techniques for activating it. I think that's going to reach fifty to fifty-one percent pretty soon - and that will be a major cultural change. I think more and more understanding of the neuro-... Todney Jan 30 2014
"Schrödinger’s Cat" by Rudy Rucker -- A short story by the incomparable Rudy Rucker, imagining the ramifications of uncollapsed eigenstates manifesting in a single observable reality. Todney Jan 30 2014