Dr. Eric Davis

Dr. Davis is the Senior Research Physicist at Dr. Hal Puthoff's Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. With a background in quantum field theory and general relativity, Dr. Davis specializes in "Breakthrough Propulsion Physics" which is the physics of space drives and faster-than-light travel that would make journeys to nearby stars practical.

In this discussion with allreality.com producer David Watkinson and Dr. Paul Smith, Dr. Davis covered many fascinating subjects including:
Bell's theorem and quantum entanglement; quantum fluctuations in the vacuum; quantum foam; frozen vacuums and Casimir vacuums; quark and gluon field oscillators; the Dirac vacuum; quantum zero point energy; the electromagnetic force; the weak force; the strong nuclear force; the electroweak vacuum; the dual vacuum structure of the strong force; hadrons and baryons; quantum chromodynamics; and the Higgs particle.

The discussion led to the conclusion that it is an open question as to whether there might be some correlation between the subjects covered and the digital virtual reality theory of physicist Tom Campbell, which was the main focus of Watkinson's questions for Dr. Davis.

Dr. Eric Davis

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Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 13:45