IONS Double Slit Experiment

Dr. Dean Radin and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) have been running a special version of the physics Double Slit experiment to test the role of consciousness in the physical world. On our Quantum Physics page, we say that Dr. Radin's may be the ultimate version of the experiment for showing the involvement of consciousness in creating reality.

Dr. Radin's version is important because for almost a hundred years scientists have been debating the role of consciousness in the results of the Double Slit experiment, which is the basis for quantum physics. (To learn about the classical Double Slit Experiment and following versions, please visit our Quantum Physics page.)

The IONS version of the Double Slit experiment is based on two assumptions: (1) If information is gained about the photon’s path as it travels through two slits by any means – then the interference pattern will collapse in proportion to the certainty of the knowledge gained. This is known as gaining "which-path" information. (2) If we speculate that consciousness is a primordial, self-aware feature of the fabric of reality that extends throughout spacetime, and aspects of consciousness can be modulated through what we know as attention and intention, then focusing on a double-slit system with intent to gain which-path information may affect the interference pattern.

Here are links to the project Overview, a Paper about the project, and the opportunity to participate Online.