More about the Army/CIA RV program

Unfortunately, there is much misinformation about why the CIA stopped the program after one of the participants revealed its existence. Basically, the cold war was over, so the main reason for the program was gone and the CIA didn't want the extra cost burden that congress was asking them to take on. (Congress wanted the payment for the program to be shifted from the army to the CIA.) And the CIA didn't want the bad publicity they were getting for using psychics. As a result, the CIA officially closed the program, then commissioned a "study" to support the closing. During the study, the CIA wouldn't let the researchers speak with any of the successful participants in the program and wouldn't allow the researchers to see the data that showed years of spectacular successes. So even though the program had been evaluated on a yearly basis as worthwhile for 23 years, many people naively bought the line that the "study" determined that the program never produced any useful information. Here's physicist Russell Targ talking about the program:

Russell Targ at Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?