As Nobel Prize winning physicist, Eugene P. Wigner said, "...it will remain remarkable, in whatever way our future concepts may develop, that the very study of the external world led to the conclusion that the content of the consciousness is an ultimate reality."

In an effort to understand the remarkable nature of reality, allreality.com is designed to help scientists and non-scientists discuss physics and consciousness in the context of a single theory that explains research results in both fields.

Do we live in a Virtual Reality?

In 2010 we started a project to find a physicist to perform a variation of the double slit experiment that would test an aspect of the theory that we are living in a virtual reality simulation created by consciousness. That experiment was eventually included as one of six in a paper published in an international peer-reviewed quantum physics journal: "On Testing the Simulation Theory."

In 2017, a team began the process of raising funds to perform the experiments. In June, 2018, we completed a Kickstarter campaign for the experiments, which raised over $236,000!

We will keep you updated on the progress here.

Dr. Eben Alexander and Graham Nicholls

Our featured Presentation was recorded at the 2014 International Remote Viewers Association Conference. AllReality.com producer David Watkinson recorded a discussion about Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences with Dr. Eben Alexander (ebenalexander.com), author of Proof of Heaven and OBE expert Graham Nicholls (grahamnicholls.com.)

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